May 2, 2004

Shirt Folding


Have you ever been laughed at by your wife about the way you fold clothes? Never again [torrent]!

You cannot believe the amount of people that thanked me for this find before I posted it here.


July 30, 2003

Office Linebacker

This was sent to me by Weence, funny video clip [torrent] with some funny references to the movie Office Space.

It's in WMF format, so if you're computer isn't setup to launch Windows Media Player when you click on that link, you might need to launch Windows Media Player yourself and then copy and paste the link into the "Open URL" option.


December 2, 2004

Suddenly I want to buy a Toyota

Thanks to Al (not Yutai), I suddenly want to buy a Toyota.


June 1, 2004

Go Flames Go

Well, the this is the real reason I want to cheer for the Flames.

Note, this link may not be appropriate for work. =)


May 7, 2004

SNL (Lindsay Lohan)

Holy Hogwarts [torrent]


Updated May 14, 2004 -> A follow up related link that was brought to my attention today.


February 1, 2005



Holy crap Tony Almeida is the ONLY character next to Jack that has appeared in all four seasons of 24! Some people even think he's Godlike, personally I still miss Michelle.


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