January 13, 2005



The rasterbator is a neat web application where you upload an image, specify how many 8 1/2 x 11's you want to use, do some cropping and it eventually creates a poster sized PDF for you that you can print.

If you have some photoshop skills you could do the same fairly easily but this puts it all in one fun package that anyone can use! According to the Rasterbation FAQ they may be planning on GPL'ing the code the program eventually too.

And of course it has a great name to boot!


July 18, 2005

Blue Security

This is another attempt at a simliar attack against spammers the Lycos screensaver that was out a while back was using. Like Lycos, they could be arguably questionable in using these tactics, but they try to do their best to keep it as "right" as possible. For now I'm gonna use it and see how things turn out, damn spammers.


July 11, 2005


No update in a while, so here are my two latest favourites sites:



Hilarious.... great, great stuff..


February 18, 2005

Put your GMAIL invites too good use

Remember way back when GMailFS was announced, everyone thought it was pretty cool? At least I thought so, but only linux users could take advantage of it... well now (actually it's been kicking around for a while now) there's GMail Drive shell extension for Windows users.

It's kinda neat but there are some limitations, no encryption, and a 10mb filesize limit.

I think I will use Peer2Mail for now instead as it does address those issues.


February 8, 2005

Google Maps


I don't think I'll ever use mybc or mapquest ever again.

Google Maps just went online and boy is it amazing.

You can drag the map, do multiple way points, do local searches (where they tie in the Google Local database with your current mapview), dynamic drop shadows... sliding zoom bars, the list goes on... some real amazing stuff. I'm guessing they're using the XMLHttp ojbect simliar to how Google Suggest works and sending clicks and keystrokes on the fly.

Wow, Google never ceases to amaze.

Added Feb 9, 2005 - I just found a fairly good dissection of the system.


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