July 21, 2007




This is a great case you can get for your Ipod, it's basically a case that makes your iPod and iPhone look like a Zune, in fact it's like an anti-theft case! =)

(Yes this is a fake, but it's pretty darn funny)


May 9, 2008

MacBook - Thin Enough


There are countless MacBook Air commercial spoofs. This is one of the best ones, if not for the music alone.


May 24, 2008

Pork and Beans

Pork and Beans is a new Weezer song/music video.

It's hiliarious, especially if you recognize all the people in it... must have took some insane legwork to get everyone involved!


May 5, 2004

Forest Dump & Subservient Chickens

Two things for you today:


Watch Forest Dump.

Pretty short, pretty darn silly, but pretty damn funny.


Subservient Chicken

Can't find someone to be subservient for you? I have just what you may be looking for.

Also this is today's ebay item of the day.


December 16, 2003

Naslund commercial

Nike and Naslund (oh yeah and Kowalchuk?)

Nike Commercial [torrent]


December 5, 2003

Latest Madness

Poor Kid who's face was placed everywhere, an internet celebrity nonetheless.

Flying bear, the authorities said the bear was unharmed. Really, I dunno - they maybe spared the bear an extra few feet at most. Ouch.

World's first gigapixel image - Note, this is a gigapixel image, not from a gigapixel camera - which I don't think exists on a consumer level right now.


November 6, 2003

Ouch My Finger!

Come, we all must have played this as a kid, only now we can practice without worry.


August 15, 2003

Where's the any key?

Where's the any key? Ask Compaq.

Google not working for you? Check out a Google mirror site.

Remember Super Mario Bros? I sure do, and this guy does too.

Also recently, FIDO has started offering a new $25 plan that includes unlimited calling between Fido customers... probably quite a good deal since a good majority of the people I know use Fido. The details are available here. That's just a few of the craziness that's through my awareness lately.


July 27, 2004

Bush vs Kerry

I must be the last person on the internet to see this, in case I'm not and you are, here's a link to that flash animation that's been going around.


This is land is my land animation


June 10, 2004

Do you like croissants?


There's a funny video about where croissants really come from.

See it here [torrent]


May 14, 2004

Friday Madness


This weeks Friday entry consists of:

  1. The origins of that Banana Phone thing I posted a while back appear to be a combination of this shockwave video and this song.
  2. Silly iraqi sign thing
  3. And for you Star Wars geeks, a new trailer for Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed

The other thing of note is that right after I switch to moveable type, they changing their license to a new payment model... doesn't affect me as this isn't a commercial site... though I don't refuse money if you want to give me any.


May 11, 2004



My friend Vince sent me this photo of his friends place taken this morning from Winnipeg. Vancouver is current just like that, only without the snow..... brrrrrr....


May 6, 2004

Banana Phone


Banana Phone

I don't know the origins of this... it's just plain silly, but you're guaranteed to keep humming the tune after you watch this.


November 25, 2005

Russel Peters

Another Russel Peters video. Great stuff.


July 12, 2005

Free 7-11 Day Slurpee


Some co-workers and I went out to get our free slurpee's yesterday as it was 7-11 day (July 11).

So we headed over to the 7-11 at Granville and Drake, and as I started dispensing my slurpee, I soon discovered that things were not flowing quite right.

As always, Yutai had his camera with him and filmed my slurpee.

Notice the maturity level of our group as we started adding in sound effects.



February 9, 2005

Mario's Happy Ending


I'm not sure if this one is safe for viewing at work or not... it probably is and it probably isn't. Thanks to Yutai (Albert) for this well done flash movie.

Ps. I love the little bomberman.


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