June 5, 2008

iTunes Movies Rentals!

Finally! We've always been slower to get stuff than the US, in this case waiting might have been better...

Price is $4.99 a movie... a little more than the US iTunes store, but you get 48 hours to watch it, as opposed to 24 hours for the them.... starting from the time you click Play.

And if you get your iTunes credits from Costco you save a bit more too. =)


June 9, 2008

Rogers AND Fido to get iPhone in Canada

Hmm, it looks like both Rogers and Fido will be getting the iPhone in Canada?

Fido may be owned by Rogers, but the past has shown that their products were often marketed separately and very differently.... now some overlap is starting to show?!?

This sounds rather nice for Fido users, hopefully not having to deal with the hassle of "switching".


June 27, 2008

Fido and Rogers release iPhone pricing

Newswire has the press release

It looks like voice and data will be combined into a $60 "for the cheapest" plan. As many predicted, it would be a cold day in hell before there would be "unlimited" data from Rogers.

I was really excited about Rogers/Fido getting the iPhone as a currently Fido subscriber... up until today.

The problem is that there are a lot of existing subscribers who already are very happy with the voice portion of their plan AND are willing to pay for a little more for a modest amount of data. For example something like: $10 for 150 to 200MB... charge more for unlimited.... These are the people you've eliminated as potential customers for the iPhone.

If they provide a reasonably priced add-on data option and allow users have it added to existing voice plans, they would not be able to keep the iPhone on the shelves...