November 27, 2007

Canon Canada Service Center in Calgary SUCKS

In early October, we sent our Digital Rebel in for repairs, the trigger button was broken... the "press halfway" on the button was basically not working. Since we've had it for over 3 years, the warranty was obviously expired. We had to pay them $214 for this repair.

I sent in the camera with the kit lens, basically because I couldn't find the plastic cover... The camera came back, but with 2 new problems.

#1) The filter on the lens was broken
#2) A speck of dust is inside somewhere in the LCD screen

We called them explaining this.. the CSR responded saying they'll take care of it all.. a new filter and clean the LCD screen... we just have to ship it back to them.

Another 10 days or so later, we got the camera back... no new filter, and the speck is still there....

I called them explaining what happened.... and was told to AGAIN ship it back and they'll take care of it.

I just received the camera today... over a month later now. And as you can see from the photos above which I just took earlier tonight, that the speck of dust is still there... and I don't have a new filter. It looks like I'm going have to ship the camera in for a 4th time now.

I called them today but it was past 2pm PST and the call centre was closed.

Am I frustrated? You bet.... tomorrow I'm going to let them HAVE IT.