October 3, 2007

Bad Bluetooth on Macs?

A story on Slashdot reports of a ton of users complaining about problematic bluetooth radios on various models of Macs... quite possibly due to faulty hardware.

Quite hard to say, I don't really use any bluetooth on a regular basis, but my sister's Macbook is full of bluetoothness and whenever i'm there using it, I seem to have to always fiddle with it get it working.... shrug, it's very anecdotal but I figure worth mentioning.


October 6, 2007

Trillian on the Mac

It looks like Trillian is being release for the Mac.

If gaim/adium wasn't working so great, this would be pretty exciting. Competition is good though, hopefully it'll make all IM clients better.


October 21, 2007

800 employees fired at Apple

The folks at Slashphone are reporting that 800 employees at Apple have been fired because they claimed the $100 rebate that was offered by Apple as good will to early adopting customers.... on their free phones. What I can't believe is there were that many employees (800) that actually thought they could get away with this.... (assuming this is real).


October 26, 2007

It's out!

Let the games begin!


October 30, 2007

Jeff Zucker

If this story is real, then holy cow I can't believe how backwards thinking these execs are.

They just don't get it.... just totally stuck in the old way of thinking, wearing blinders... sigh.