September 5, 2007


I'm so getting one.


September 11, 2007

Open Source iPhone Unlock software?

Engadget seems to be all over iPhone unlock stories.

This one appears to be an open source method, currently not super easy to do but apparently it will be soon.

Wow... with the latest price drop, this is gettting more and more tempting. I just gotta wait a little longer to see what happens in the next round of software updates from Apple before deciding what to do.


September 12, 2007

City of Montreal vs Apple?

The Montreal Gazette has a story about how the city of Montreal won't remove some parking stalls in front an Apple store, even if the Apple store pays for the costs and the lost revenue.

Apparently the reason is "because we've never done it".

Wow... this just means the city will never ever do anything they haven't done before? Such is so typical of the mentality at all levels in the Canadian government.



September 18, 2007

So what if it's cheap to build

Business Week has an article with some details as to the costs of building some of the iPods.

Big deal, so what if it costs Apple $58 in parts for a 4GB Nano. It's all about the software and the unreproducible experience. That's what you're paying for.


September 19, 2007

Apple Chooses O2 as Exclusive Carrier for iPhone in UK

So it looks like the rest of the world is starting to get the iPhone. Apple announces that O2 will be the official way to get an iPhone in the UK... starting Nov 9, 2007.

/twiddle thumbs

Still waiting in Canada...


September 22, 2007

Firefox to Camino

My firefox decides that it likes to crash on it's for what appears to be very randomly.

And random it is, I could load a page and start reading a story, and not touch my keyboard and mouse... and 30 sec later, it would crash... while I'm reading... (could be 30 sec, could be 5 min)...argh, .. i mean i'm using to having periodic crashes but it would always be immediately after clicking something.... so because of this behaviour, i can't seem to find a cause and it's quite frustrating.


Time to try another browser, so I've switched to ... I get the benefits of the same rendering engine but with a Cocoa app. I feel right at home already and it's definately speedier.

Let's see if this decision lasts.


September 27, 2007

Rev # for mythtv builds

Thank's for all the positive feedback regarding the Mac OS X MythTV builds, I'm glad they work for you guys.

As requested by numerous people, I've included the rev # as part of the filename so that you know exactly which version you're using/getting.