July 12, 2007

Why is the iCal date a week off?


My wife asks me a couple of nights ago, why is the iCal icon on her Mac showing date that's a week off? It should be July 10th but it says July 17th?

Well, I didn't know why... so a quick google search resulted in this blog posting.

Basically, if your iCal is open, it shows the current date.... but if your iCal is closed, it would always show July 17... and what's the significance of this date?

Well, it turns out that iCal was launched on July 17, 2002 MacWorld in New York and that's the date that they used for the icon.

It's rather amusing because the person who wrote the blog article happened to have his birthday on July 17 as well and always thought iCal was using his birthdate for the icon to make things more "personal".

Also, here's a script that updates the icon that you can schedule to right every night at midnight, that's if you like to have it show the current date all the time.



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