July 4, 2007

Easy video transcoding on OS X

A not-that-well-known way and one of the cheapest ways (free) to convert video on the Mac (or Windows for that matter) is to use a free program that many of you already probably are using VLC.

1) Launch VLC

2) Goto File -> Open File

3) Click Browse and choose the source file you wish to convert

4) Click the Streaming/Save check box and the settings button.

5) Click the file radio button and then Browse, then enter the filename you wish to use for the new file to be created.

6) Choose your Encapsulation Method, I chose AVI this time.

7) Click Video, choose your favourite video codec and the bitrate of the video you wish to encode to.

8) Click Audio, choose your favourite audio codec, the bitrate of the audio you wish to encode to and as well the number of channels of audio.

In this case I chose divx and mp3 for my codecs.

Click OK and VLC should create the new file and start transcoding your video to it. You can click "Window" and then "Information" to see the status of the current job, there will not be any video being displayed during this process....

Lastly one thing to note is to make sure you don't have any "Repeat" of any file playing otherwise your transcode will start over at the completion and then rewrite the output file... and you'll need to start over.

There you go, cheap and easy way to transcode video to and from almost any format for free!



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