June 14, 2007

Safari 3 Beta for Windows Updated

Safari for Windows was just announced a couple of days ago, in what I think is a extremely clever strategic move to get mainstream exposure to the browser. Whats the big deal? I don't use it on my Mac, why would I use it on Windows?

My theory is that Apple doesn't really care if it's takes off on Windows or not, what they do care those is that it takes off on the iPhone, and getting Safari on Windows potentially can get millions of people who otherwise wouldn't give a rats ass about the iPhone take a second look, and maybe see what OS X is all about and ultimately... buy and iPhone and even get the full meal deal switch to OS X altogether.

Oh right, this was supposed to be about the first update to Safari.

Just hours after the initial release of Safari for Windows, several exploits were found and announced, this first update is supposed to address those problems. These types of issues are exactly why this is Beta software and the fact that Apple is addressing the issues so quickly is good to know.



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