June 20, 2007

MacFUSE and MacFusion

So you may or may not know, I keep an offsite backup of all my perceived to be important data... I used my webhost that gives me a crapload of space, they probably don't think most people use it all up but I sure do.

Since a webhost is what I considered to be an untrusted area, what I did in the past was on my Debian box run encfs over sshfs to create what is essentially an encrypted offsite storage drive... which then i rsync all my important data over to periodically. I rambled about it back in Feb.

Now that I'm completely on OS X, I need a way to access my offsite storage drive... and wow was it ever easy to do.

3 things to install:

  1. MacFUSE
  2. sshfs for MacFUSE, available at the same page as MacFUSE
  3. MacFusion
  4. EncFS Plugin for MacFusion

First, I setup my sshFS connection to my webhost:


Next, I setup the encfs mount:


Notice, I use the newly created sshfs Volume as the source.

Next I enter the password that I used to create my encfs drive months ago.... and Boom! ...just like that, my old encrypted offsite storage drive shows up as another mounted Volume on my machine, all files intact.

Now I'm able to run my old rsync script (slightly modified of course) to update my offsite data again!

Wonderful, I love Unix.



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