June 24, 2007

Mac Mini internal drive vs external drive

There is no comparison. I did a very unscientific test, but because the difference is so large, it doesn't matter about how precise my method really is:

My test, immediately after cloning my internal mini onto my external firewire disk I did this:

Power on the Mini with the Command key pressed and wait for the option to pick my boot drive. Click the drive to boot with one hand and start the stopwatch with the other.... wait for the dock to appear, click the stopwatch.

Built in 2.5" 80GB HD: 28.46 seconds
Seagate 3.5" 320 GB 7200 in a AMS DS3 USB enclosure: 29.3 seconds
Seagate 3.5" 320 GB 7200 in a AMS DS3 Firewire enclosure: 17.3 seconds

As you can see the built-in disk and the external disk over USB is about the same.... but however when the same disk is running over firewire....

The difference is over 10 seconds! This may not show real world daily usage performance but it does give a good indicator that a firewire drive with a decent drive out performs the internal 2.5" notebook drive pretty much hands down.

This is probably one of most most simple and worthwhile upgrades you can do to a Mac Mini.



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