June 29, 2007

Holy Bajeezus! 1and1 what are you thinking????

Holy cow I can't believe 1and1 my web provider shut off my all my websites and not tell me or their CSR's about it.

Shortly after my last update here, all my websites went down.

Timeline is as follows:

June 26th at around 1or 2pm - I noticed the problem I figured it was nothing, network burps happen all the time... and so I just forgot about it and went about my business

June 26th 10:30pm or so - I noticed my sites were still not working, ok more than a little burp, so I called 1and1 tech support and asked if they knew about this outage. The response I got was it will be back up in about 3 hours, she had to "apply a fix"
June 27th 2:00am or so - More than 3 hours later, everything is still down - I go to bed hoping everything will be fine in the morning.

June 27th 12:00pm - Still nothing, I place another phone call to 1and1 and was told this csr would apply a fix and it will be up in 1 hour. An hour later still nothing.... so I sent an email request through the 1and1 administration site asking for an update.

June 27th 7:00pm - Everything is still down - so I place another phone call as was told by the csr that my problem has be "escalated to a higher level" and I had to just wait.

June 27th 11:05pm - I received the following email:

Thank you for contacting us.

This is in connection to call earlier regarding the downtime of the server, please be informed that I have escalated your case to the appropriate department for further investigation. You will receive an updates from them via email.

We will appreciate your patience on this.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

and of course still nothing is working.

June 28th - 1:52pm - 48 hours after the outage I received this email:

Recently we have noticed that your web site(s) is consuming a disproportionate amount of server resources (including memory and/or cpu time). Because of this, we have had to move your account off of the shared hosting server to an auxilliary server. We now request that you consider purchasing a Managed or other Dedicated Server in order to continue hosting with 1&1 Internet.

The decision to move your account was made by the system administrators in order to improve the quality of service for the rest of our clients on the shared server from which you were previously hosted. The resources consumed by your account threatened the ability of that server to capably operate as as a shared host, so it was required that your account be moved in order to mitigate server load. Though we could move your site back to the original shared hosting server, it is not recommended. Your account activity has demonstrated that your site deserves its own server to better suit its performance needs.

Please visit 1and1.com to review the server products we offer. You will have one (1) month to make a decision and migrate your account over to a 1&1 server or another host provider. You can choose to return your account back to the shared server, provided that you take steps to reduce the load generated by your websites. If the account has to be moved off the shared server system again you will only have the option of purchasing a dedicated server account to continue hosting with 1&1 Internet.

Please reply to this email promptly. Further questions/comments should be directed to admin@1and1.com.

Thank you for your compliance in this matter.


They had taken my site down deliberately but did not inform anyone, especially me since I own them... or their CSR's who would be answering my requests? It's not like they were spending time trying to fix the problem, it was the fact that they took it all down and did not tell anyone about it for 48 hours.... even after numerous requests from me.

The majority of my sites are little sites, that generate relatively low traffic, some are some blogs for friends that I host on their behalf.... what the heck could I have on my sites that could have caused them cpu/memory issues? I've requested they tell me which specifically which site and/or pages was causing them a problem and I will remove it from their servers but have yet to receive an answer.

I mean this is absurd... 48 hours later, they told me they did all this deliberately.

June 29 - 1:00pm - It's now about 72 hours later....my domains are slowing coming back up because of dns propagation I'm not still able to see everything....

I had previously recommended 1and1 to a several people because of their great pricing and decent uptime. They actually got extra business from my recommendations, but after this fiasco I'm not going recommend them at all.... I realize you get what you pay for and my sites will likely eventually all be leaving them.



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