June 17, 2007

Carbon Copy Cloner


This is not really any breaking news and has been covered to death everywhere but CCC is a great free application that allows you to make a bootable clone of your HD without having to re-install your OS and your apps.

I'm using it to make transfer the contents of the slow 80GB HD in my Mini to a faster 7200rpm 320GB Seagate Barracuda in an AMS Venus DS3 external firewire enclosure to be my main disk.

I'm having a bit trouble with the clone failing after a few minutes... switching to USB seems to fix the problem and allows the clone to complete successfully, lucky the enclosure came with both cables.

So I'm guessing it has something to do with either the firewire controller on the enclosure or possibly a faulty firewire cable. I'll do some more troubleshooting shortly.

And of course you can also use it to make backups of your data and it has some built in scheduling functionality to help with this but I think there maybe other better approaches to backup just data.



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