June 16, 2007

Annoying remotes

Maybe not having worked in the presence of a large number of Macs with little white remotes has made be ignorant about this little problem.

We have 2 Macs side by side and the little white remote, although not really that useful for anything other than showing people how cool your Mac is, can be annoying because when our little nearly 3 year picks it up and presses something, it can trigger both Macs.

Actually i take that sarcastic comment back about the remote, it's works great in Joost... but that's another days article.

A very simple trick is to simply pair up the remote with your one back so you don't disturb others around you. How you do this is by hold the Menu and the Right Arrow button the remote for approx 5 secs and you will see the following graphic on your screen.


And voila, your remote won't be bugging those around you... to unpair your remote with your computer, you go to System Preferences, Security, and click the Unpair Button near the bottom.




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