March 17, 2007

MythTV Project Revisited

So I've been watching TV on my mythbox for a several years now, and I absolutely love it. TV the way I want it, when I want it.

But it's been a few years and my installation needs some updating, i'm running ivtv 0.4.1 drivers and the latest is ivtv 0.10.1, i have 2 drives in ext3 filesystem, I want them LVM'ed together and running xfs... little things that I wish I had done when I first built it are bugging me.... so time for an overhaul.

So this week, I spent my evenings doing a ton of kernel optimizing and recompilations, repartitioned my drives with gparted... lvm'ed the majority of the space into one big XFS filesystem... updated ivtv to 0.10.1 (which required the kernel updates)... brought the pre-sarge "unstable" debian box completely up to date, which meant upgrading nearly every single package on the machine including going from xfree86 to xorg... this broke a tonne of things but I was able to fix them all one at time....Basically a ton of updates and they all have made my pvr way more snappier.

Secondly, finally installed Mythfrontend for OS X on Yi's iMac... and boy holy cow is that cool does ever work great, even watching Live TV works wonderfully over 802.11g.