September 12, 2006

Mythtv 0.20

So I admit I heard about the Mythtv 0.20 release not from their official mailing list or website but instead from this slashdot article. Oh well, I guess i should get back on the mythtv mailing list.

We've been running a cvs version from around 0.18 (cira oct 2004) and haven't bother to update since everything was working so nicely.

But this announcement caught my eye as it now has a built-in dvd player and as well built-in burn to dvd archiving. Previously playing dvd's would require launching xine, and burning to dvd required a strange series of scripts.... not a big deal once we got it setup then, but now it's all built in and included altogether with a nice consistent interface....among other new features, fixes and optimizations.

So yesterday I was preparing for the worst and to not have TV for a few days but it was simply extract the tarball and ./configure ; make ; make install. Repeat with the mythplugins file... restarting mythbackend - watched on the console as it updated the database schema and then continue normally afterwards.... restarted mythfrontend and it just worked. No hitches, no problems... smoothest mythtv upgrade ever, the way it should work.

As stated before, mythtv simply RAWKS. I don't know how you can watch tv without it.