September 8, 2006

w00t! DD-WRT runs on my WRT54GL

So this router has been around (in older revs) for a while now, and being the Linux nerd I am, I've always wanted to pick one up but never *really* had a need for one... at least until now.

Long story short, my VOIP ATA crashes when I use it as my primary gateway because it simply sucks at dealing with lots of traffic, so I've had to request more than 1 ip address from my ISP and use 1 for the ATA and the other for my old router. This works and is very stable but sound quality sucks because there's no QoS.

This gave me an excuse to finally get this router and boy is it COOL.

I installed the latest stable DD-WRT firmware without any hitches. The latest version has some really cool features including multiple SSID's with separate encryption methods for each network, how cool is that for a $50 router? Not to mention ssh to a shell on the router.

This is by far the coolest router on the market, lots of fun, I can't believe I waited so long to get one. My inlaws will now get my old d-link 624 or whatever it was.