August 29, 2006

Ipod Surgery

Just finished replacing the battery on my old 3rd gen Ipod. Took about 10 min, 8 of which was trying to open the darn thing without breaking it. Photoset is posted on Flickr.

This will be going into my ipod.

It is a 850mAh replacement battery that will be replacing the original 630 mAh one.

My old 3rd generation Ipod battery won't run for more than an hour or so now... even if you charge it all day.... so off to the Apple Store I went yesterday and bought a Sonnettech replacement battery... came with a cd with an instructional video and a plastic tool to open the ipod.

Trying to open it up is the hardest part, they explain it fairly well, but it's still something you have to kinda feel for yourself... after doing it once, actually not too difficult.

Cover lifted, revealing the hard drive with the blue plastic gooey bumper thingy.

The blue stuff probably saved my data few times.

Yeah yeah yeah so it's only 15GB, but it's plenty for me.

With the hard drive out now, the new battery is ready to go in.

In goes the new one. Looks like a perfect fit to me.

Lastly, replaced the hard drive... this part was a little tricky as the ribbon cable connector basically just sits on top of ipod board and is very easy to misalign.

After the drive was put in, I closed it up and ... WHEW! It booted up again.

Now it's charging away!