December 2, 2004

Suddenly I want to buy a Toyota

Thanks to Al (not Yutai), I suddenly want to buy a Toyota.


December 27, 2004

Other ways to fight spam


Since seems to have been killed off, there's still other ways to help make spammers miserable.

LadVampire (targets fake banks)
Spam Research Tool

Like, all three of these are based on similiar idea that if you use hit spammers where it hurts, by loading their images and using their bandwidth... it will drive up their costs of business.

Have fun!


December 22, 2004

Penguins and paper


Remember, the old penguin wacking games? Well, it looks like Al has found me something that even rivals that in time wasting addictiveness.

It's the Paper throwing game, have fun!


December 8, 2004

Elektra Ninja Assassin


Another rather addictive flash web game, this one is 3 player FFA chess like strategy game, same style of combat as Advance Wars for the GBA.

You might find me there between 12-1pm PST sometimes, my game name is blumpy and my record at the moment is 3-19-1. Yes I suck at it.


December 4, 2004

Anyone want to buy me an USB Key?

Well it appears that someone has put together a portable Firefox and a portable Thunderbird. This just got posted on /. just a This finally gives me an excuse to get a USB key to carry around. Now if only the old Netscape 4.x series roaming profiles were implemented into Firefox (hopefully soon as it's in the Mozilla trunk I believe).