November 27, 2004

Make love not spam

Lycos UK (Lycos still around?) has released a contraversial application in the form of a screen saver that basically sends a DDOS to known spammers, mainly the ones listed in the spamcop database. Whether it is or isn't a DDOS can be argued as they say it is throttled and will slow down if the targeted server becomes unreachable due to load.

This is quite a bold move and probably has many unforseen and possibly legal consequences for Lycos. Personally I think it's actually a great idea, spammers wouldn't do what they do if it were the profit margins weren't so great. Eating away at their bandwidth costs hopefully will make it less appealing for them.... make them pay, for making me spend time and money dealing with their crap.

Others think that fighting them with such tactics is just as bad as being them. Screw them....check it out at

Final Update: Due to pressure from various groups, lycos has decided to take this down. =)