May 5, 2004

Forest Dump & Subservient Chickens

Two things for you today:


Watch Forest Dump.

Pretty short, pretty darn silly, but pretty damn funny.


Subservient Chicken

Can't find someone to be subservient for you? I have just what you may be looking for.

Also this is today's ebay item of the day.


May 2, 2004

Shirt Folding


Have you ever been laughed at by your wife about the way you fold clothes? Never again [torrent]!

You cannot believe the amount of people that thanked me for this find before I posted it here.


May 20, 2004

Panda Golf

Another browser game to whittle away your time.

Also a funny video, make sure you have the sound up


May 14, 2004

Friday Madness


This weeks Friday entry consists of:

  1. The origins of that Banana Phone thing I posted a while back appear to be a combination of this shockwave video and this song.
  2. Silly iraqi sign thing
  3. And for you Star Wars geeks, a new trailer for Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed

The other thing of note is that right after I switch to moveable type, they changing their license to a new payment model... doesn't affect me as this isn't a commercial site... though I don't refuse money if you want to give me any.


May 11, 2004



My friend Vince sent me this photo of his friends place taken this morning from Winnipeg. Vancouver is current just like that, only without the snow..... brrrrrr....


May 10, 2004

Update on Joey and the start of our Switch

ipod.jpgJoey has had her bandage off for 4 days now. She pretty much got used to walking without it within 24 hours.... and licked off all the yucky stuff from underneath the bandage within 12 hours.

Good news is that she sits normally now and as well lies in the "down position" like other dogs normally do. She also runs around the house as if nothing ever happened to her, which is good meaning the everything went well. We will still have the stairs blocked off for another month or so as she's not allowed on until then.

Secondly, I'm proud to stay that we've purchased our first apple product and I really see first hand why everyone switches.

More to come on Yi's new toy.


May 7, 2004

SNL (Lindsay Lohan)

Holy Hogwarts [torrent]


Updated May 14, 2004 -> A follow up related link that was brought to my attention today.


Super Mario 3 Time Attack

smb3.jpg You thought you were good at Super Mario 3? I am almost certain this clip [torrent] shows someone that's better than you.

Somehow he/she finished a game in 11 minutes, a game that probably took me weeks to finish. Yes there is some dispute as to if this was faked or not, apparently it was done with an emulator on a PC with frequent saving and slowing frame rate down to 1/30 of normal speed for certain sections.

There are more of these Time Attack videos here as well.


May 6, 2004

Banana Phone


Banana Phone

I don't know the origins of this... it's just plain silly, but you're guaranteed to keep humming the tune after you watch this.