April 30, 2004

Poor Joey


Joey had some surgery done recently to fix her medial patellar luxation. We went in to see the vet to have her cherry eye fixed, and during the examination I had asked the vet about her hips to see if it was ok.

The doc checked out the hips, and they were fine... but he did notice a grade 3-4 medial patellar luxation in her right hind knee. We were a litle shocked, and had no idea what was wrong... joey never limped and always ran around played like any dog.

Anyway we went home and after some more thought, we realized that she always sit in a funny way, with her right leg sticking out... not with her legs bent normally like other dogs. We just thought she was lazy... anyway, and we also notice when she layed on the ground, her right hind leg was always extended as well, basically to keep her knee in position that wasn't painful. After realizing this, we knew she needed the surgery.

It's been 8 days since now and she's recovering fine. She seems to think that she can jump and play again but we've blocked off the all the stairs and will keep her on a tight leash for the next 6 weeks still.

Poor Joey... =|